Update July 2010

On July 1, 2010, Briar had surgery to correct a major bend in his left carpal. The situation was becoming painful for him. Although he could get around very well, we knew in the near future this would cause problems, as the bend increased from 20% to 40% in 2 months. His surgery was successful, and he now has a plate in that wrist. It is "straight as a string." We still have 2 months of recovery, followed by therapy. He has been very good during this ordeal. He's a little spoiled with his special walks every day, and getting to live in the kitchen.

February 2010

Briar was found running loose on Briarpark Rd. in SW Houston. He was severely matted. There were several teachers who assisted in his rescue, and fortunately one of them knew his breed.

He is a black masked sable - not really red and not blonde but somwhere in between. He is currently marking but we hope this will stop when he is neutered. (He was neutered 2-18-2010 and had a deep ear flush.). He loves other dogs, doesn't seem to care about the cats, and wants to be where the people are. Very sweet and very friendly, but shy at first (ducks his head when he comes over to someone new). Has begun responding to the name "Briar". He favours the front left leg but it does not hinder his climbing on furniture. He sleeps on any human bed available and will stay there until you make him move. He is of large breeding. He squeaks and cries when he wants something and takes treats very gently. He is a sloppy drinker though... Seems to immerse face, take mouthful of water and then drops it all over the floor. <VBG> Teeth look good. He's one of those Afghans who will put his hands on your shoulders (if you ask) and "pose" with you for a very impressive photo op. OK with men and women, has not been evaluated with small children. Seems to be accustomed to being groomed and was well behaved while being sheared down (which took 6 hours). Really nice boy maybe 2-3 years old. Gorgeous black face.

Briar has been to the orthopedic surgeon and the determination is that the bent leg is due to a growth abnormality, possibly a problem with the growth plate. A break was not the cause of the mal-formed leg.

The vet said that they could do surgery to try to fix it - not make it pretty and straight - but try to fix it to some degree. But it would not be "guaranteed" to be better than it is now. Surgery has been declined. The vet feels like the surgery is not necessary - and that one would NOT be an irresponsible owner if they did not do the surgery. He is more likely to get arthritis in the arm / shoulder with the bad leg.

You can see this is a very proud big boy who deserves a wonderful home!

For those of you wishing to assist in the health care for Briar, our latest rescue intake, contributions can be made to the rescue PayPal account <afghanrescue@earthlink.net>
or mailed to our club treasurer:
Afghan Hound Club of Greater Houston
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