July 28:
She doesn't trust us yet, but she did enjoy a run in the back yard. She needs to be potty trained yet. We'll get better pictures of her soon. She needs love - she'll be a really good girl. Very alert. Likes to sneak upstairs. Our cat actually chased her up the stairs this evening - he scared her.
July 30: Has warmed up nicely. Loves to be pet on her chest! Wants to please. Velcro dog with women. Can relax in the back yard!
Aug. 2: We let her sleep upstairs with Sweetie in the twin bed - they both did great. Stella does not like to be kennelled by herself. We have left her unkennelled in the house 2 days and she slept. She doesn't seem to mind being in the kennell with Sweetie, but by herself is another story. She takes treats very nicely - gentle. She is now letting us pat her on the head, and even kiss her on the head. Progress! Also, when the cat is in view, she still seems afraid. Less afraid than before, and maybe more curious. We have not had any cat chases.
Aug. 6: Stella is transforming into a great dog. She loves attention and being pet, and is running and playing in the yard. She even chased a tennis ball. She flips chew chips into the air with glee. She sleeps through the night. She can be trusted in the house un-kennelled. I believe she is potty trained! She is going to make someone a great and loyal companion. She counter surfs some, but when told to get down, she does so immediately. She is willing to please. Stella is very likeable and pleasant!

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 Left at the top of the stairs is Cubby and Stella.