Mona Lisa - renamed Lisa - January 2009
Miss Lisa was adopted out to a lovely home in Houston. She has a brand new best buddy, another Afghan Hound of the same color named Harry. They are like peas and carrots.

August 3, 2008 This gal was really scared, but calmed down when sung to. She's having a hard time adjusting, but will be a good girl. I'm not sure if she yet has a name, however I was calling her Mona Lisa.--MR

October 29, 2008: This gal is really a clown. She needs one-on-one attention. She's still frightened of people, and is much more comfortable with her canine buddies. Still difficult to get her into the house, as she doesn't yet come when called. She is very curious, and does allow you to pat her on the nose, but she won't let us take her by the collar yet. She'll come into the house if we let the door open. Very food motivated, and she loves her five-o-clock flip chip. Mona Lisa will need to be walked on leash for a couple of weeks with her new guardian - at first we had to resort to trickery to get her into the house, after a very long session of trying to get her to cooperate. She needs to learn to trust humans. She runs beautifully, and is a counter surfer. We keep her kennelled when we're not at home. (Foster parents work from home, so she has plenty of play time in the back yard with her buddies.) Shows no aggression, and hasn't met a dog she didn't like. Shows no interest in the cat, even when cat is walking around in the back yard. Ignores the cat, but does enjoy the cat's food (which is on the counter.) This gal is really black - when looking at her straight on in the daylight, you can barely see her eyes. Pictures in natural light have actually been lightened a tad! With some work, she will make a loyal companion and be a source of entertainment. Also loves to chase squirrels. She does love to follow another dog around the yard and play follow the leader - she's the follower. Does not mind having her ears cleaned, and is OK with a bath in the shower stall inside the house. Does not like outdoor baths with hose. None of these New Mexico rescues appreciate outdoor bathing with hose. Top three photos taken Oct. 29. Rest of photos early August. She will be gorgeous when in full coat.
Foster home: spinnerml at sbcglobal dot net.

November 15, 2008: Mona Lisa has shown some really great progress with her confidence within the past 2 days, and she is much more relaxed in the house. Soon to put up pictures of her sprawled on the couch with her belly up.







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