Cubby was a very special needs Afghan from the New Mexico hoarding situation. He had been water deprived and was drinking his own urine. He was not able to relax, extremely insecure and bordering on feral. His leg was crooked and it just sort of hung there. But look at that face - that face!

John wanted to name him clubby clubfoot, or something like that, which we changed immediately to Cubby and made jokes that he had to go to someone who lived in Illinois because he'll be the greatest Chicago Cubs fan ever. Well.... along came Carol (who happens to live in Illinois.)

The drive to Illinois from Texas was very long, because Cubby had severe car sickness/phobia. But we made it with homeopathics and prayers. That was October of 2008. Cubby's leg is now healed. He LOVES his new home. The surgery was challenging with some exposed tissue needing daily cleaning, with nuts, bolts, screws, casts, daily therapy and careful exercise. This was a tremendous and expensive task to take on, and we thank Carol Lovekin for her diligence. The surgery was performed at the University of Wisconsin Veterinary School.

Click HERE to see Cubby's Radiographs.

Cubby has passed basic obedience class, and can now get into the car with minimal drooling. He starts agility training this August, 2009. Cubby is really a huge success story. Below are after-surgery pictures with his brother and sister: Turtle (also from Houston rescue) and Inga. (Click on the thumbs for larger pictures.)

Scroll way down for the first pictures of the Cubs at his foster home.


 January 2009 Report on "The Cubs"

Mary drove Cubby to his beautiful new home in Illinois late October 2008. The ride was a challenge, as Cubby has severe car phobia. Carol took Cubby for surgery at the U of W Madison vet school. His leg is now completey straight and normal. There had been a fracture at the growth plate. Because of the snow and ice, Cubby is still restricted from running, but soon he'll be lure coursing.

Cubby - on his way to Illinois soon!
July 29:
Cubby is a special needs Afghan male. Very sweet. The bone structure of his left arm is not correct. He can run fine. He has been water deprived, and must have a water dish in sight. He is learning how to be social. His first few days were rough. He needs to develop confidence and trust. He'll be a really great boy. Today he actually was having fun in the back yard. Cubby really likes soft places.
July 30: Cubby is peeing and pooping in his own in the back yard. Today he ventured upstairs, but had to be carried down by John. He is a love bug. Not very active as of yet - prefers to lie around, preferably in your lap.
Aug. 2: Today Cubby is acting a little strange - we highly suspect that he has pain in that leg. With all the running around he did yesterday, probably much more than usual, he is likely feeling all that exercise. We gave him a homeopathic and hope it will help. He eats well. He's a very good watchdog. He, too, slept upstairs last night on the couch. Today there were a couple of accidents in the house, but we think that the pain is keeping him from moving to go outside. He is still quite insecure. He's eating well and is very gentle when taking treats from your hand.
Aug. 6: Cubby's social, emotional and mental skills are improving. At first I thought he was austistic, but he now has eye contact and is recognizing us and greeting us. He is obviously relaxing and enjoying the back yard and in general being alive. He knows to got outside to pee and poop. I think he is a smart dog. Last night and this morning he was so relaxed that he was sleeping Afghan style all stretched out on his back. That is a first. PROGRESS!
August 13: Cubby has gained much strength and confidence. He has become part of the pack. He limps in a big way, but he can get around well. Up and down the stairs is not a problem. He really enjoys sitting right in the middle of the back yard and observing. In the mornings he is very excited about seeing his people finally getting out of bed, and probably wondering why they sleep so late - where's my breakfast?!. He is quite a charmer! See Cubby's national page for more pictures!
August 26: Cubby is able to run faster and faster, despite his handicap. He has learned to body-slam (in a very nice way) Ricky, our resident Af rescue. He has discovered pine cones and squirrels. He loves the big oak tree in the middle of the yard. He eats very well. He is so handsome, and I love the way he looks at you (me) with appreciation and love.





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