January 2009 Report: Ashere has been adopted by her foster home. Her leg is improving. See her smiling face in the 2 top pictures just to the left.

Sept. 1 2008: We wish to thank the Houston Police Department for finding this gal and taking her to the SPCA. We wish to thank the Houston SPCA for calling us immediately. Emmie Lou was picked up by Houston Metro Police in a ditch downtown at N. San Jacinto and Wood on Aug 31 at about 11:30 in the morning. Report says emaciated - I would estimate she is somewhere between 35 - 40 pounds. There is a lot of blood in her urine. John shaved her - very felted but no maggots. Feces at back end mats. She is eating well, tail wagging. She ate and drank water while John shaved her. Julie F from Greyhound Pets of America stayed to help - thank you Julie!! Emmie Lou (name Emma for emaciated) thinks the back yard is very interesting, especially the pool. Right now I have her in the kitchen. She is on the tile floor, probably because it's cool. Bad news: looks like she has a healed injury - possible HBC. They estimate she is 4yo. Her teeth aren't too bad and her ears don't look too bad, either, except for being so matted that they were sticking out about 8" from her head. She did not chase the cat in our back yard. She is fine with our 7 other rescues, although she did not appreciate the extreme curiosity of our 10 your Golden Retriever. More on Emmie Lou soon - such a pretty face! She will go to her new foster home on Friday. Pictured below is a lovely memorabilia of her terribly felted fur. Scroll way down to the bottom for pictures of her matted condition upon release from the Houston SPCA. You can tell she has inner beauty, especially with the very bottom image. More news on Emma after we get her vetted tomorrow.(MR)

Sept. 7, 2008: Emmie Lou is at her foster home now, and she is enjoying fairly long walks and strawberry ice cream. She is a very good traveler.The clavomox has cleared up her really bad bladder infection. She is 36.5 pounds, anemic, and her right leg has a break which is healed and stable, located between knee and ankle. No surgery will be performed. There is little to no muscle on her.We all feel that in a few months when she puts some weight and muscle back on, she will lead a normal life and be able to walk and run nicely. Right now she appreciates a soft place, and food. The clavomox is a little upsetting to her tummy, but she has made friends with the person who eats ice cream, and that makes it all better. She's also, of course, being fed high quality dog and people food. Her name may be changed to Ashere (uh-SHEER-uh); Hebrew for "Blessings". Check back on this special gal's progress.