Jewel at her new home



 Sweetie (renamed Jewel)
Adopted! January 2009 Letter from Sweetie at her new home:

January 29, 2009: Dear Auntie Mary, Life in Sour Lake is sooooooo nice. I spend most of my days laying on the couch on top of my pillow. When strangers come over I bark a lot, but soon I realize they are safe. I'm having a blast with my brothers and sisters, especially Jett and Nova the Border Collies. They have taught me how to howl at 7:00 a.m. every morning. They also taught me how to dig in this special area where digging is apparently allowed. I didn't think my mom knew what I was doing, but I guess she figured it out because my feet are sometimes black. Now my mom keeps some towels to wipe off my feet when I come inside from going potty. I've decided all of the couches and beds belong to me! I sometimes sleep with my humans, always placing my head on a pillow just like them. I'm still a bit nervous going out to places I'm not familiar with, but my mom is trying to take me everywhere to get me used to it. We to go PetSmart quite a bit and everyone can't get over how pretty I am. Of course, you guys knew that from day one!!!! I used to be nervous getting into the Tahoe, but now I jump in the backseat all by myself. Usually, I like to ride in the back and look out the window. My mom has these special treats and every time she says "Come" I run to her as fast as I can. Mmmmm, they are good too! I also scratch the back door when I have to go potty or I bark to let someone know they need to hurry up and open the back door. I show everyone how smart I am all of the time. I want to do some agility, but the weather has been horrible. Hopefully, it will clear up and I'll get to run on all of the obstacles I'm always sniffing. Although my name Sweetie was a good name, my family changed it to Jewel. They said because I was so unique and precious, I needed a name that was a little more Regal!

July 28:
This gal is really sweet, thus the name. She plays cute and likes attention. She seems to like being sung to. Really precious. Not sure if she's potty trained yet.
July 30: still very friendly. Eats very well! Relaxes well on soft places. Seems very well adjusted - more confident than BL (other foster in the home.)
Aug. 2: Today she got caught in her too-big collar, so I need to scout around for a smaller one for her. She was scared for a little while, until my husband rescued her. She is very gentle. Takes treats so nicely! Spent the night upstairs in the twin bed with Stella and I believe they both slept straight through the night. They curled up very small. They really appreciate soft places. Today is the first day she ate in a relaxed state. I have a feeling that she used to go from bowl to bowl trying to get a morsel. She has a little scar on her nose, you can see it in the picture below.
Aug. 6: Sweetie is adorable. She is very gentle and loves people. She likes to watch for squirrels in the back yard. She chases and plays with Stella and Ricky (resident Afghan). She snuggles up to our Golden Retriever. She also snuggles and curls up around Cubby. She loves chew chips. She seems to be pottie trained, too! She can be trusted in the house not kennelled. One drawback - she would like to chew on my crocks shoes. Fortunately she has not put a dent in them!
August 13: We adopted Sweetie out but as it turns out, she is aggressive/territorial toward small dogs. So she's back. (see note below - we think this was temporary.) She is fine here with 6 other dogs, one being the alpha female. At this time she pays very little attention to the Goldens here at the house. She likes sighthounds. She is potty trained, and I think would do very well in a home with a doggy door.
August 25: She loves squirrels and will watch for them for hours. She will do best if she has a yard with some trees and squirrels. The squirrels have her pegged, and they tease her so bad!! That's not good grammar, but we gotta tell it like it is. The squirrels rule! She's a wonderful eater and she is just fine in the house. We close the bedroom door during the day. Her hair is growing out nicely. Her ears have a tendancy to flap back and stay there, which is quite cute.
Sept. 7, 2008: Sweetie is a real tomboy. She's not so territorial anymore and is starting to chill. She loves to just lie on the couch all stretched out. Her hair is growing out, and she looks very healthy.
October 29, 2008: Sweetie has turned into a fine young lady. She is still a little timid about having her collar grasped, but all in all is well adjusted and gentle. Her territorial tendancies seem to have passed. Pictures on this page show her with her short hair cut and presently in the growing out stage. We suspect that Sweetie and Cubby are brother and sister.






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