Houston Afghan Hound Rescue - Stories - Augusta


Augusta was one of three found by a real estate agent out in the country near Hockley, TX in August of 2007. Their owner had died. They were very sick, all HW pos and had maggots. Top left is the day she arrived at our house. Augusta in particular had very serious ear infections, requiring monthly surgery which she is still undergoing as of July 2008. Her ear canals swell up, and pseudomonis bactera gets trapped behind the ear drum. Her left ear shows improvement, the right is still on the mend, but requires monthly surgery. Her teeth may still need extraction. The next vet visit will determine that. She is also being treated homeopathically. Her foster parents have adopted her because her health issues have been so great. And because she has taken charge of all the other boys in the household, foster dad and cat included. She is the only female in the house. Her favorite boy is Andy, the golden retriever pictured with her bottom left.